Basement Wall & Floor Crack Repair in Hillsboro, Oregon

Quality waterproofing services for cracking foundations

When water leaks through foundation floors or walls, it can result in a fast and serious flood in your basement. Our Hillsboro, Oregon basement waterproofing contractors deliver a wide range of repair services and methods. Each is custom designed to solve many different sources of leaks in structural walls and concrete floors.

The crack repair solutions our experts use have been tested and proven over again, and are recognized as one of the best in the waterproofing industry. Many of our warrantied techniques and products are patented and have been used in thousands of homes and commercial structures around the world.

Our fully licensed and insured professionals skillfully seal walls cracks and pipe penetrations, fix leaky floor cracking, and stop water from flooding in through basement windows. All remedies come with long warranties and permanent solutions, giving you peace of mind.

If you are the owner of the property that is having an issue with moisture entering through foundation cracks, we suggest that you seek immediate assistance from a professional before the problem grows bigger and costlier.

There’s no risk with contacting us to schedule an on-site consultation. Our inspections and estimates come free of charge and with zero pressure to hire us to do the work if waterproofing is necessary.

Proven solutions for leaking and flooding in basements

Water can enter your basement at any moment when cracks exist in the foundation. Cracks can form and grow on walls and floors, as well as around pipes.

Small cracks in basement walls routinely occur in houses throughout the state of Oregon. In most cases, these cracks occur as concrete naturally cures over time and do not threaten the foundation’s stability.

Cracks may also occur due to pressure caused by expanding and contractor soils that surround the foundation. Regardless of cause, even minor cracking can be a major problem if they welcome groundwater into your crawl space or foundation.

Our experienced and intensely trained contractors provide lasting solutions that work in tandem with your existing drainage system. Our trusted work will not flake off, crumble, or fail due to the natural shrinking and expansion of concrete.

We service all of the Hillsboro and Portland, OR region, including Aloha, Beaverton, Forest Grove, North Plains, Forest Park, Elmonica, Somerset West, and beyond.

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