Leaky Basement Repair in Hillsboro, Oregon

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If you have foundation walls that are leaking or a basement that is wet, damp or humid, you may be in need of professional waterproofing services.

The good news is that there is a simple and cost-effective method to return a flooded area to dry, usable conditions. The process is also fast, effective, and efficient. Even better, after it is installed in your residence or commercial building, the result will be lesser energy bills and a crawl space or basement that is guaranteed to be dry for years to come.

Fixing concrete block foundation walls is what our fully licensed and insured waterproofing contractors in Hillsboro, Oregon do just about every day. The process of waterproofing a basement can be completed in a single day in most cases, sometimes two. Typically, our proven method involves a sump pump, perimeter drainage system, vapor barrier, and with block walls, weeping holes drilled into them.

Having a leak in your basement leak can do damage to your home and personal items. Repairing larger leaks may require heavy equipment and expertise. That’s why we strongly advise working with a certified basement contractor in your area.

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What causes basement leaking and flooding in foundations?

A faulty basement wall doesn’t just come about overnight or even over the course of a few months. As concrete cures, it shrinks. This process can go on for 5-6 months and up to 10 years after a home is constructed.

What this means is that is it quite commonplace to have many smaller, hairline cracks in all types of basement walls – even newer houses. In most instances, those cracks won’t grow much larger. Unfortunately, they can open up more, creating gaps for water and moisture to come in.

Concrete is a porous material that tends to allow water vapor to soak through and enter through foundation and crawl space walls. You know this well if you have ever had a flooded basement, leaky foundation or have witnessed concrete drying.

When water passes through a concrete barrier, it may reach the large, hollow gaps in the block and push through foundation cracks. Cavities in block walls may fill up with water, while soaking the concrete and forcing its way into your house. Water can also seep through floor and walls joints and flood the area.

If you believe this is happening at your home or business, get touch with our experience crew. We deliver, no-cost, no-obligation basement waterproofing quotes.

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